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We take pride in using sustainable, high-quality fabrics. We made promise to only use fabrics from mills that support leading-edge environmental conservation programs and have an eco-friendly production system in place. 


Sustainable Production

At Perfect Peach we focus on small production, which allows us to not over order fabric, or have left over styles, reducing waste. Our fabrics are picked out with deep thought. Our fabrics are made using efficient energy use, and investments in eco-compatible technologies. The making of the fabrics use the highest quality materials while also minimizing the impact on the environment. The production system works to greatly reduce energy use, water use, air pollution, and waste. For example using renewable energy sources such as solar energy, highly advanced green-tech water systems, eco-print technology, and an efficient waste sorting system for recycling.


The Fight to Support Our Planet: Giving Back

10 percent (10%) of net profit from the sale of all Perfect Peach products is given to nonprofit organizations around the world focusing on supporting the planet and the people on it. Read here to review the causes we hope you will support with us. This is a new venture for us, but we are incredibly excited to share the impact of our donations down the line.