At Perfect Peach, we pride ourself on using sustainable, high-quality, Italian-sourced fabrics. As part of this mission, we promise to only use fabrics from companies that support leading-edge environmental conservation programs and have an eco-friendly production system in place. 


Conservation Program
In addition to providing high quality designer swimwear, we believe the preservation of the environment is a priority. Through the purchase of fabrics used to create our swimwear, Perfect Peach supports the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). The goals of the WWF include the preservation of endangered species (saving the turtles!), the promotion of sustainable fishing, the preservation of protected natural areas, the protection of biodiversity, and the assisting of wildlife in need. So feel good when you put on your Perfect Peach Swimwear, knowing it is supporting a good cause!


Sustainable Production

Perfect Peach fabrics are made using efficient energy use, and  investments in eco-compatible technologies. The manufacturing system makes the highest quality fabrics while also minimizing the impact on the environment. The production system works to greatly reduce energy use, water use, air pollution, and waste. Examples include using renewable energy sources such as solar energy, highly advanced green-tech water systems, ecoprint technology, and an efficient waste sorting system for recycling.