The Founder

I was born on the main line in Philadelphia, and moved to the UK around 6 years old. Growing up on the beaches of Cornwall, Devon was my first introduction to the beach lifestyle. When I wasn’t surfing, I was riding horses down the beaches and up the dunes. When I wasn’t riding horses, I was vacationing in The Scilly Isles, a unique Tropicalesque group of islands off of the coast of England surrounded by white sands and azure seas. Around the same time, I was inspired by my mother who was an artist and sewed her own clothes. Because of this, I became obsessed with fashion early on. After 6 years in England, my family then relocated back to Philadelphia for a few years before deciding California is where we wanted to be. We packed up our car and drove across the country trying to find the best place to move to and soon decided on Los Gatos, a town in Northern California. My landscape quickly shifted to dramatic cliffs, rolling hills, and the Santa Cruz beaches. And when I wasn’t at the beach in Santa Cruz, I found myself back at our family beach home on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. It was always a beach lifestyle for me, which drew about inspiration for beach fashion.

Soon after moving to California, I drew on my roots and realized fashion school was calling my name. I packed up my car and drove down The Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur and into Los Angeles. Between classes I was either down at Laguna Beach where my family had relocated or traveling to locations around the world; some of which were St.Tropez, Barcelona, St.Barth’s, The Maldives and India. I loved emerging myself in different cultures and experiencing different styles. Knowing that my ability to design had grown, I decided to apply for a few courses at Central Saint Martins in London, the school where my icons, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney attended. I got accepted, sketched all summer long, and was inspired more than ever to grow my skillset in fashion design and create unforgettable pieces. After graduating FIDM in Los Angeles, I was accepted into The New School at Parsons in NYC. I booked a one way ticket and never looked back. After leaving school one year in, I took positions with designers Stella McCartney, Cynthia Rowley, and Mara Hoffman. In between jobs I would continue to travel to beach locations in Greece, Croatia, and Italy.

My passion grew stronger for beach lifestyle and having always been a beach babe I took my first jab at designing a swimwear collection for Perfect Peach. The name represented all women feeling confident and perfect within them self, and now, more determined than ever, I began sourcing high quality fabrics from Italy and visiting local NYC manufacturers. It became my goal to create a luxury swimwear line, but I wanted to try something new and find a way to offer it at an affordable cost. So when I finally found the right factory to move forward with, I committed to producing my first line. Currently, that same line has been featured in Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Self — and more — and the collection is continuing to grow. It’s been a fascinating journey, and my passion for the beach lifestyle will continue to grow with the brand. Swimwear is an amazing way for women to express themselves, and I desire to help women achieve that in an unforgettable way.