The Maldives

August 26, 2016

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The Island

The Maldives is a group of islands that are located in the Indian Ocean and were originally formed by volcanoes. To be exact, The Maldives is comprised of 1,190 exotic islands that make up 26 groups of islands, known as atolls. Some of these islands are inhabited, but a majority of them are uninhabited desert islands in the middle of the ocean. Depending on your route to the Maldives, it can take up to 36 hours of travel. Though extremely hard to get to, the Maldivian Islands are truly one-of-a-kind. White sand, turquoise blue water, palm trees and an extraordinary marine ecosystem of living reefs and marine life are some of the most notable features of this island. This and more is what make the Maldives one of the "Seven Natural Wonders of the World” and Perfect Peach founder/designer Nora Leisk’s favorite paradisal destination.




Choosing your hotel is a personal preference, and there is definitely a vast array of options. Leisk’s personal favorite is The Park Hyatt Hotel on Hadahaa Island. This island is one of the furthest islands from the capitol of Male, and requires multiple planes and a speed boat transfer to get to. Although it requires a lot of traveling, you soon realize that the this long journey is a major part of what makes the experience so special.

Imagine you’re on a speed boat after 32 hours of plane travel -- on your last leg of the trip -- and you see your final destination from afar. As you get closer to the small speck of an island, you notice a group of people on the shore waving happily and welcoming you to their island. To put the smallness of Hadahaa island into perspective,  you can literally walk around the entirety of it in 15 minutes. This island makes you feel so distant and remote you can finally hear your own thought and be at complete peace.

Being on this island is possibly the most idyllic version of island life. You wake up in a water villa to no sound other than the waves crashing beneath you, and look directly into the ocean off of your porch to see turtles, needlefish, squid, and various other marine life. Or you can stay in the villa that is on the island, and wake up in a jungle only steps away from your own private pool and beach. Whichever accommodation choice you pick, you will undoubtedly feel the tranquil effects of being on a desert island with the added comfort of 5-star amenities.



Maldivian food stems predominantly from Indian & Asian cuisines. Maldivian food is also made with a lot of spices, which results in distinct and powerful flavors. For example, there are a variety of different curries; with a classic favorite being the Maldivian Fish Curry.  We snacked on the tuna Maldivian curry at almost any hour of the day. Yes - trust us - it’s that amazing. The chef was so kind to even teach us how to cook this delicacy.You can’t go wrong with eating seafood in the Maldives. After all, you are on an atoll in the middle of the Indian ocean. Trying the different Maldivians foods is undoubtedly a great way to learn more about the Maldivian culture.


Snorkeling, scuba diving, sunset fishing, reading under the sun, and … tanning (we most definitely consider tanning an activity!) Prepare to get your bronze on ladies.

But don’t forget the Maldivian sun is no joke, these islands bring major heat so always be prepared to lather on your SPF.

As for snorkeling and scuba diving: the coral is like something out of a National Geographic magazine and it is so beautiful you can snorkel for hours. The various marine life will be sure to keep you in complete awe. There was everything from neon fish, tuna, reef sharks, nemo fish (clown fish) & their homes (anemones), sea turtles, needle noses, eels, rays, and so much more.


Length of Stay

For the ultimate experience and optimal relaxation, the recommended time to stay is 8-10 days. Though remote, the travel and time change takes awhile to get used to. Make sure you have enough time to really soak up the sun and take it all in! Expect outdoor barbecues, festive dances depending on the time of year, endless world-class snorkeling and sunset fishing cruises.

What to Pack

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear, (Especially your Perfect Peach!)
  • Light breathable cover-ups
  • Sandals
  • Heels (though we were mainly barefoot!)
  • Evening Dresses
  • Lightweight shorts and tops
  • A book/s you’ve always wanted to read. Current favorite reads: #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso and The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane Von Furstenberg.
  • Light makeup
  • Face Masks
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Recommend shopping prior to trip: Perfect Peach, Shopbop, Intermix and Revolve
  • Resort wear


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