Making Sustainable Sexy

May 09, 2017

At Perfect Peach, we understand that none of what we do would be possible if it weren’t for the precious resources mother nature provides to us. That is why we make a conscious effort to try and preserve the environment while creating our swimwear.

As part of this mission, we promise to only use fabrics from companies that utilize sustainable processes. Our Italian sourced fabrics are made using efficient energy and eco-compatible technologies that aim to reduce energy use, water use, air pollution, and waste. For example, renewable energy sources such as solar energy, highly advanced green-tech water systems, eco-print technology, and an efficient waste-sorting system.

In addition, every piece of fabric goes towards conservation programs such as WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), which focuses on causes such as the preservation of endangered species (saving the turtles!), the promotion of sustainable fishing, the preservation of protected areas, the protection of biodiversity, and the assisting of wildlife.

You too can give back! With every suit purchased, you are contributing to the future of sustainable fashion and donating to the World Wide Fund for Nature!

Sustainable fashion is sexy! Shop Perfect Peach Swim now! #PeachBabe to be featured.

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