December 12, 2016

Mykonos, Greece

Let me tell you a little about Mykonos. If you don’t already know, Mykonos is an island in Greece and it’s right up there with Ibiza, St. Tropez, and Hvar. So if you are looking for blue water, beach clubs and some of the most wild partying you will want to head to Mykonos.

This past summer, we went to Mykonos and had the time of our life. If you can envision a town packed full of the characteristically Greek white homes, white sand beaches, crisp blue water, panoramic sea views, ATV’S & scooters, windy roads, and an exploding nightlife, then you can envision Mykonos.

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When we came to Mykonos we expected to relax, read on the beach and do lots of personal reflection and imaginative thinking. We laughed so hard because by the end of the trip the only thing we were able to do is party. Most clubs start as early as 4pm and go into the morning past the rising of the sun. Be sure to experience the local culture though, as this necessary balance is well worth it!

Here are our top picks if you ever make it to the Island of Mykonos:


While some choose to stay close to the main town, the other option is to rent a home or hotel further outside of the town so you can experience the less touristy parts of the island.


Drive the backroads, to get a real feel of Mykonos, experience the winding roads, and wind swept trees, and occasional donkey.




  • Ornos
  • Saint Anna Beach Bar
  • The Beach below KiKi’s
  • Panormos
  • Santa Marina Hotel Beach



  • Party
  • Tan
  • Dine
  • Party
  • Shop
  • Party
  • Party

…. You get the gist, ladies! You come to Mykonos to do one thing over all: PARTY!

Our top picks for a trip to Mykonos:


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