Elyse Knowles

September 09, 2016

Meet Elyse Knowles, our most recent Peach Babe.

This Australian bombshell brings a whole other level to what a women's swimwear model is (I mean have you SEEN these photos?! They are jaw dropping!).

Instagram: @elyseknowlzy

While Elyse has worked with various brands in the swim industry (i.e. Billabong), her focus is also quite vast as seen through her work with Ulta Beauty, Rubi Shoes, and GQ (she was recently named GQ "Girl of the Week").

Take a few minutes to take a look at some of our favorite shots from the Sydney, Australia Bronte Beach photoshoot, and get to know more about this Peach Babe & what she thinks about Perfect Peach.


Recently you did an incredible shoot with us! You looked amazing in everything, but which suit did you like best?

Shaken not stirred would have to be my Favourite. They are a modern basic that also sexy.


You are really killing it in the modeling world. Did you always know you wanted to be a model? How did it all start?

I started when I was 10 yrs old. My mum put me into it and I've loved it ever since. Every day is different; new challenges, new clients and new adventures to be had! I'm very lucky to have done this from a young age, as l learnt a lot of the basics young, as well as the business side.

You do a good amount of traveling to locations all over the world. When you pack, what are the five necessities you bring with you?

This is hard as I always over pack, but l would have to say a banging bikini, sunglasses, iPhone/charger, denim shorts and a nice big hat to take to the beach

What makes you proud to be an Aussie?

Our clean and picturesque land is valuable to all of us and we treat it with pride. When I was young I travelled to Hong Kong and China for modelling and the two things I missed the most was green grass and fresh air. You cant beat it! And of course our beaches are pretty damn amazing!



Your blog is amazing! You update it quite regularly; how do you find inspiration for each of your posts?

Finding inspiration is quite hard, and the time to update my website but it is such a fun little project. I ask my friends a lot of questions about what they would like to know. I like to touch on topics that can help others grow a positive mindset to take on the daily challenges. People love to see behind the scenes and also like to know the ins and outs of the industry!

How would you best describe yourself? And when do you feel most confident?

I'm a pretty laid back chick but I'm very business orientated! I'm always thinking ahead and wondering what I can do to better myself. Apart from work I am a tom boy that rides motorbikes, wakeboards, surfs and skates. I am most confident when I'm on holidays chilling out with my mates, family and boyfriend.

At Perfect Peach, we feel being supportive of women's goals & careers is so important. We are all about women empowerment, and self-love. If you had to give advice to women starting out in their career, what would you say?

Never stop dreaming, and always do what you love. There is going to be set backs but these always make you stronger, you have to go down before you can go up!!! Fight as hard as you can and you will get there and never forget ALWAY BE YOURSELF!

What do you like most about Perfect Peach as a brand?

They are sexy, they eventuate all the right parts of your body, and they are great quality so you know they are going to last season after season.


Even though you are always so busy, you still manage to have such a rocking body! Whether it's traveling, work, or going for road trips, how do you manage to make the time to work out?

I always find a time. Its not just for my body but its for my head. I tend to get down if I don't exercise, so I make sure I exercise every day so it doesn’t get me out of whack. Exercising and traveling can be hard, but something as simple as going for a walk can be enough.

If you could take your Perfect Peach bikini anywhere, where would it be?

To the Greek Islands. I have never been to Europe before.

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