A Bikini For Every Shape

October 18, 2017

So many women shy away from a two piece without giving the look a chance. With the right fit, anyone can look flawless! The key is to find a suit that will enhance your assets while drawing eyes away from troublesome areas. Luckily, Perfect Peach offers tops and bottoms separately to create your own personally customized suit. We’ve laid out five common body types below and paired each with shape flattering bikinis that will create endless confidence for your fun in the sun!

Pear Shape

The key to finding a suit that complements a pear figure is to bring the attention upward. A detailed top will help balance your body’s proportions and highlight its assets. Our eye catching 22 Tango top will do just the trick! Another tip is to emphasize the shoulders and décolletage with our sexy Pool Partee and 2nd Base pieces. Plus, their high waisted bottoms draw the eyes up and create the illusion of  legs for days!

(From left to right: 2nd Base, 22 Tango, Pool Partee)


Large Bust

Three words to keep in mind when it comes to bikini shopping for a larger chest; support, support, support! Aim for tops that are not prone to wardrobe malfunctions such as our Innuendo and Shaken Not Stirred pieces. The halter string ties allow for total control of tightness and coverage. Also, tops with supportive underwire like our Russian Roulette suit provide an added lift!

(From left to right: The Innuendo, Shaken Not Stirred, Russian Roulette)

Small Bust

When working with a smaller bust our best advice is to FLAUNT IT! Confidence is always sexy, and with a little help from Perfect Peach, you’ll feel like a bombshell in no time. One way to feign a fuller chest is to wear a suit with a plunging neckline such as our Take Me to Rio set. That and our Truth or Dare push up bikini allow for maximize cleavage to give your bust a boost! Another look that will fill out a smaller chest is a bandeau. Many busty women have trouble wearing this type of top, lucky for you this style hugs petite curves perfectly and creates a more buxom shape!

(From left to right: Take Me to Rio, 2nd Base, Truth or Dare)


When it comes to an athletic build, the key is to highlight your curves and feminine attributes. Our Shaken Not Stirred bottoms include ties and cutouts, creating the look of sexy contours. Another way to resemble a more voluptuous physique is by going for suits that have a lingerie look to them. It’s hard not to feel like a vixen in our Russian Roulette, Take Me to Rio, and Truth or Dare bikinis. With cutouts, plunging necklines, and dainty ties, these styles create a feminine, hourglass figure with the assets you already have.

(From left to right: Shaken Not Stirred, Russian Roulette, Truth or Dare, Take Me to Rio)


Want to know how to rock a bikini with a curvy figure? Look for styles with eye catching details, that elongate and support your shape. Our 22 Tango suit is just the right amount of sexy! With a larger bust, filling out the top is no problem and gives off a playful peek-a-boo vibe. Looking for a more demure bikini? The Pool Partee set offers a feminine, off the shoulder look allowing you to show off a beautiful décolletage and neckline. Also, it's high waisted bottoms provide added coverage to the midsection and creates the appearance of long legs. Finally, a supportive suit is a must for a curvier shape. Our Innuendo top offers straps that allow you to customize its exact fit. Confidence and comfort never looked so good!

(From left to right: Pool Partee, 22 Tango, The Innuendo)

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