10 Ways to Embrace your Girl Boss

July 10, 2018


  •  Revamp your home office:

Refreshing your work space is a great way to clear out the clutter and allow room for more creative, positive thoughts.

  • Surround yourself with peers that are as motivated as you:

Having a group of kickass people will no doubt keep you focused and inspired every day!

  • Keep a journal:

Check in with yourself often and take the time to evaluate what makes you happy, what’s stressing you out, etc.

  • Be fearless and go after what you want!  “Do one thing a day that brings you out of your comfort zone to achieve your ultimate goals.”:

Don’t let shyness stand in the way of what you want! Take charge of your life and situations you want to change, even if that scares you.

  • Learn to say “No”:

No one can “do it all.” Trying to make everyone happy can usually end with YOU being the unhappy one. Helping others is wonderful, but at the end of the day make sure you hold happiness as well.

  • Read awesome female protagonist podcasts like “Girlboss” (obviously):

You can’t go wrong with having girl boss role models and powerful ladies as inspiration.

  • Don’t face all your issues alone! Take advice from the people you trust most:

Asking for help is not a weakness! Receiving honest advice about a problem from someone you respect and trust can really put things into perspective and allow you to get out of your own head. Getting another view on issues can help you see through the fog and make more rational, responsible decisions.

  • Continue to keep learning - Be the best and most knowledgeable you can be in the areas that you are passionate about:

Knowledge is power, but also a huge confidence aid. Being up to date with your passions and work allows you to be able to speak up in a conversation without doubting yourself and truly be a voice people what to hear.

  • Embrace Failure and lose like a winner:

There are always lessons in mistakes. Try not to be hard  on yourself (or others) is you fall. Keeping your head straight in tough times will prove that you can handle anything!

Always, always be true to yourself and remind yourself you ARE a Girl Boss!

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